Tragic Hero of Tor's Hold

Chapter 4 of the Quest to Free Barfield

As they enter this large town, the companions can hear raucous noise coming from an enormous building down the street. A sign by the door depicts a fat dwarf with a lolling tongue in a tipped over chair holding up a frothy mug, the meaning is obvious. As you approach, a first-story window explodes, the air-born body of an Iron Circle soldier sailing out of it with impressive distance. The yelling and breaking of furniture continues, and through the gaping window you see mass bedlam as about every possible citizen beats on their neighbor with whatever they find close at hand.A successful perception check revealed that, at the other end of the street, another Iron Circle soldier can be seen hightailing toward the far end of town.

Calling out for Karl Smith, they see their quarry lurching out of the crowd in a drunken rage. Karl appears to be orchestrating the chaos with a wildly swinging hammer. It can be assumed that he defenestrated the soldier. They try to talk him down, but grief, anger and ale have cut him off from reason. He summons a homemade Warforged likeness of himself called “Karlforged” that blocks their path while he launches other smithed items at them of which he seems to have some arcane control. Through the bags of popping red-hot nails, stray flying bottles, a mechanical defender and their own overheated weapons, they are finally able to subdue the smith. (234 XP)

Just then, however, someone in the crowd calls out, “Quick, tie him up! Maybe the soldiers will leave us alone if we hand him over!” There is an awkward pause, then people begin to shift in Karl’s direction. The Gatekeepers threaten and challenge the townfolk until they realize that it is shame and fear that drive them. Polycarp rallies them in the name of “Sigsilon,” which he realizes is an object rather than a person, and draws their attention to the ancient gift Ilyana had given to Taima. The crowd gasps and begins to look around in hope when they recognize Calumnior as their rightful ruler, Duke Cedric. Calumnior embraces the identity, finding hope for himself in the eyes of his people!

With Taima’s help, Karl recovers and offers them his Iron Circle plunder in thanks of their help in the rebellion (500 gold and 200 XP). In the lull, Karl notices Camden’s weapon and says, “Never thought I’d see old ”/campaigns/trace-of-breath/characters/rogoth-stormblade" class=“wiki-content-link”>Rogoth’s dagger again. Did Dar Gremath give that to you? We used to travel together, though Rogoth had a fancier bunch of friends before us. A lot of the dukes even! We used to tease him for rubbing shoulders with high-bloods like that and then falling in love with a sea-witch, just like his brother!" Knowing from his own pirating background that “sea-witch” was sailor-talk for a woman sailor, Camden asks more about Rogoth and his brother, to which Karl says, “Sure, Danny and he both had a thing for them ”/campaign/trace-of-breath/wikis/wacheton" class=“wiki-page-link”> Wacheton girls, but Danny followed his off to sea, while Rogoth followed his to Anvar."

Camden is prevented from further questioning by the sound of soldiers rolling up the street accompanied by a growling rage drake! In place of his injured master, Karlforged charges out the door, felling two soldiers at once. Camden rushes after him while Taima continues to minister over Karl. Polycarp engages soldiers coming through the back door, and Calumnior inspires the folk of Tor’s Hold to take up arms and join him in firing arrows out the windows at their oppressors. Though Karlforged is struck down, the allies make short work of this patrol of Iron Circle “police.” Camden spares the rage drake, imprisoning it in the stables until he can attempt to bend it to his own will. On the Iron Circle mage’s person, Calumnior finds a magical object (Level 7 item) and the heroes mark the methods of the Iron Circle (XP 283).

Tragic Hero of Tor's Hold

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