Trace of Breath

16-23:1208 (Third Rest)

Battle for Barfield (Level 6 - 8,500 XP; Next Level = 10,000)

Major Quest – Free Barfield of the Iron Circle: XP 175 and 1,800 gold

Minor Quests:

Investigate Harken: 2 Victory Points 100 XP (Toadwallow Caverns; Mythos Barrow)
Waylay a Caravan: 1 Victory Point and 33 XP
Mobilize Villages: 2 Victory Points 50 XP (Tor’s Hold; Hearthelle’s Grove)

Chapter 1 – The Plight of Albridge. Click here" for details. The heroes head to Harken Village, to investigate the communication silence from Raelle and Torodrin, their fellow Gatekeepers there. On there way, they stop in the village of Albridge, to stay at the inn and renew their supplies. There they meet Dar Gremath who tells them that all of Barfield is oppressed by the Iron Circle soldiers of Ptolemy.

Chapter 2 – Harken Burned Click here for details. The heroes continue on to Harken Village which has been burned to the ground by Iron Circle soldiers. Goblins have begun squatting because they were driven from their home by Bullywugs, and Ellen Smith (the sole remaining survivor) asks for help finding her father in Tor’s Hold.

Chapter 3 – Ilyana’s Farm Click here for details. On their way to Tor’s Hold, the Gatekeepers see a troop of Iron Circle brigands assaulting a farmhouse. They rescue Ilyana and her children as well as Raelle, whom they thought killed in Harken. They discover a plot of the Iron Circle to use the survivors of Harken to excavate Mythos Barrow, and Ilyana hints at a way to mobilize the people of Tor’s Hold by reminding them of the strength of Sigsilon that runs in their veins.

Chapter 4 – The Tragic Hero of Tor’s Hold Click here for details. Upon reaching Tor’s Hold, the heroes discover Karl Smith having killed several Iron Circle soldiers in a drunken rage over the grief of believing his daughter dead and frustration at the cowardice of the townsfolk. Subduing the smith, the Gatekeepers rally the town under the banner of Duke Cedric (whom they recognize Calumnior to be) and Sigsilon. Vanquishing the Soldiers there, they are implored to seek the Woodsinger Elves of Hearthelle’s Grove for aid in the coming battle.

Chapter 5 – Alliance with Elves Click here for details. The Gatekeepers convince the strange druid, Hearthelle, to commit her Woodsinger Elves to the battle on the condition that they disable the Iron Circles occult influence at a magical site just across the border into the duchy of Tarone. There, the heroes confront Torodrin, who was thought to have been captured or killed in the attack on Harken, but now reveals himself to be in league with the Iron Circle. They slay the traitor, acquiring his journal and joining forces with his half-brother Quinarrion and a Warforged named SID who mysteriously survived the annihilation of his race. They pursue a Tiefling, a comrade of Torodrin’s who escaped during the battle, but then are pursued themselves by a Drider-like mutated form of Torodrin. Escaping the monster, they emerge in the Toadwallow Caverns, the former home of the goblins of Harken and the tomb of Bartley Montagne (who turns out to be Calumnior’s father and one of Polycarp’s souls).

Chapter 6 – The Battle for Barfield Click here for details. Hearing news of the Iron Circle army on the move, the Gatekeepers gather their forces at Ilyana’s farm to stand against them. After commanding their troops, the Gatekeepers step into the final battle and defeat Ptolemy (who was in fact Torodrin) before he could escape with the Tome of Spirit known as Sigsel’ion. They also recover a powerful gem, a pulsing purple Amethyst similar to the ruby taken from Ysuran.



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