The Gatekeepers are the most successful heroes for hire in the nation of Kinsmet. Based in the realm of Tarone, these adventurers solve mysteries and right wrongs all over the nation… for a price. But, for three of the latest members—lost souls seeking redemption—will that price be too high?

“Trace of Breath” is a city-based campaign in the 4e version of D&D played online with Skype and d20pro (always free). No experience is necessary. This is a fun, safe group to learn the ropes as we lean more toward communal storytelling than rules crunching.

Just after the Great War, the nation of Kinsmet is left in shambles, with ravaged countryside, no ruler, a shattered and divided military and wild races roaming the lands they had previously been barred.

In this turbulent time, the Gatekeepers seek to be a force of stability and protection for the people, but they must overcome the suspicions of a betrayed people while keeping watch on those who would take advantage of the times to forward a nefarious plot.

The heroes of this age are eclectic and unsung, at odds with the world and each other. The disgraced member of an honored house of warriors. An alien legalist guilty of murder. An oppressed monster chasing conspiracies. A kid, playing pirate, in search of his parents. Can each conquer his own demons in time to rid the world of the Devil?

Trace of Breath

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