Tag: Dordare


  • Brielle

    The official capital of Dordare. A city of government and trade that lies on the river between Tarone and the Dordare.

  • Dunerth

    A thoroughfare town between Brielle and Dorian’s Gamble. During the Anima Revolution, Dunerth became the headquarters for the rebel forces.

  • Dorian's Gamble

    The true capital of the Realm of Dordare. This bayou shrouded city was originally called “Holy Spring” by dwarves who discovered a vein of Breath there while mining for silver. After Breath dried up in the land and the dwarves left, the town was claimed …

  • Polycarp

    The combined souls of 8 martyred "Children of [[:bahamut | Bahamut]]" returned to Kinsmet in the form of Polycarp with the sole purpose of bringing justice to their murderers. With no memory, except the names of the martyrers and martyred, Polycarp …

  • Charlie Sampson

    Charlie never got along with his father, [[:charles-sampson | Charles Sampson]]. At least, not as long as [[:polycarp | Polycarp]] has been around. The Deva only saw him once on his father's estate in [[Brielle | Brielle]]. Charles introduced the two, …