Tag: Bakka


  • Crossroads

    The Gatekeepers return to their guild house, where two members of the Aegis Knights wait to escort [[:argoth-stormblade | Argoth]] before a [[Aegis Knights | Tribunal]]. His comrades choose not to accompany him, but instead proceed inside to speak with …

  • Crown Keep

    An ancient and forgotten necropolis, housing the corpses of centuries of rulers.

  • Adalasia

    Bakka's primary port city, governed mainly by a loose council of pirate guilds.

  • Keothi

    [[:ysuran | Ysuran]] killed Keothi on the steps to a desert tomb while holding a pulsing red crystal. Since then, the necromancer turned him into an undead hulk that he shrunk and smuggled into the prison in Anvar to be his bodyguard as he experimented …

  • Kamal

    Kamal is a glass blower from [[Bakka | Bakka]]. He speaks only broken common, and seems lost in the big city of [[Anvar | Anvar]]. The heroes met this foreigner in the marketplace of Anvar, when he was accosted by two Bugbears. They saved him from …

  • Qasim

    The brave son of a glass blower from [[Bakka | Bakka]], named [[:kamal | Kamal]], Qasim first met the heroes in [[Anvar | Anvar]]. They rescued Qasim and his father from some thugs, thanks in part to Qasim delivering a healing potion to an unconscious …