A gnome necromancer imprisoning the corpse of Polycarp's soul


The Gatekeepers first heard the name Ysuran on some documents found on the body of his assistant, Nero, while investigating an undead plague in the Watchpeak Prison of Anvar. Unknown to the rest of the team, Polycarp had the name Ysuran on his hit list of murderers. His name came up again when talking to the undead warden, Sir Lexington, who accused the resident wizard of causing delays and obstructing justice by reassigning prisoners to his keeping. Lexington offered his own sword as payment if the Gatekeepers could free the missing prisoners from Ysuran.

Succumbing to a gas trap, the Gatekeepers awoke in cells where Ysuran introduced himself as he began to experiment on them. He was interrupted, however, by the vengeful form of his former pet, Keothi, who caused a cave in which swallowed both slave and master beneath a heap of rubble.

Polycarp was able to summon the form of Keothi after he discovered his soul’s former body in the prison yard. Through flashback of Keothi’s death, he realized that it was Ysuran who murdered him on the steps of a desert tomb while holding a pulsing red crystal.


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