Sir Lexington

A driven prison warden who wouldn't let a minor thing like death mar his efficiency.


The Gatekeepers me the warden while searching for Charlie Sampson in the Watchpeak prison of Anvar. Though clearly dead and rotten, the former war hero continued furiously working through a stack of papers while mumbling incessantly about delays and inefficiency.

When he became aware of the heroes, Lexington accused them of being another distraction from Ysuran and attacked. Before they were defeated by his superior abilities, they were able to convince the mad warden that they were there to help. Calming slightly, Lexington explained that the resident wizard, Ysuran, had been illegally transferring prisoners into his care. Unable to spare the time to confront Ysuran himself, Lexington offered his own sword as reward for undoing the mage’s mischief.

Sir Lexington

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