The One Who Fell from the Sky


The combined souls of 8 martyred “Children of ”/campaigns/trace-of-breath/characters/bahamut" class=“wiki-content-link”>Bahamut" returned to Kinsmet in the form of Polycarp with the sole purpose of bringing justice to their murderers.

With no memory, except the names of the martyrers and martyred, Polycarp begins his journey in a recently made crater, found by Charles Sampson. Polycarp was a full grown, naked, Deva that could only say to Sampson that he “fell from the sky.” When Sampson found him, he noticed that Polycarp had started writing a list of names in the sand around him. Polycarp was able to recognize all of these names as people that had to be brought to justice by the hand of Bahamut and be killed.

Polycarp could only recollect his devotion to Bahamut and bits and pieces of the past lives that his soul is made up of. Each and every soul that is part of Polycarp was a martyr in some way for his god Bahamut. Whether it was from the hands of atheists or believers in gods that were against Bahamut, they all died for their devotion to Bahamut. Polycarp recollects every name that killed these martyrs (hence the list).

Sampson took Polycarp in like a son and kept him well. Polycarp knew his time would end on the mortal plane of Erryes and he would rejoin Bahamut once the list was finished. Sampson agreed to help him help find everyone on the list. In return, he would spring his son, Charlie, out of jail.

Before the attempt, he is arrested himself, in the village of Harken, for the murder of Agatha Mistwater, a former servant of Zehir, whose violent past is unknown in these lands.

Polycarp has been in jail, biding his time until he can find the rest of the people on his list and go home to Bahamut so that the martyred souls inside him can finally rest in peace.


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