Dragonborn High Priest of Bahamut in Anvar.


Argoth met him in the Temple of Bahamut in Anvar, when checking in on a concern he had about his mother, Leta Stormblade’s new “friends.”

Petros was very complimentary of both Leta and her employer, another priest of the temple named Denubis. He assured Argoth that she was being well cared for, but if there was a concern about any new acquaintances she might have, he would ask Denubis to guide her away from darkness and into the safe arms of Bahamut.

He had a strong presence about him, but a kind demeanor, not lording his high position over Argoth, but taking the time to answer his questions. He seemed to know of Argoth’s shame, and sympathized. Offering to pray on his behalf that his family’s honor be restored.


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