Jackabee "Jacks" Oaklong

A Half-Orc tracker looking for bigger game


Jackabee Oaklong aka Jacks. The Orcish brute of a hunter is known through the region as a swift tracker and stellar sniper. He is known to hunt down his prey and usually takes them down from a distance and closes in for the take. He has a brackish attitude and is fairly certain nobody in the Gatekeepers will be able to keep the peace like him. He has risen up through the ranks and is now somebody that has been asked to come to the Capital by the Gatekeepers guild for help…and here is he. Looking for money and a good quarry..

He was born and bread to hunt from little on up. As time went on he realized he could make more money hunting people than animals. He turned over his skills of sniping and tracking to hunt down criminals and be a bounty hunter. As of late the bounty hunting has gotten a bit boring and being solo has become a drag. Now he looks for more adventure and thus sought to be something more than a lone hunter.

Jacks is not good at team playing but his father Jonatain Oaklon aka Jons always taught him to watch out for himself in the woods. It was always him and his gear he could trust…and he could trust his gear because he cared for it.

Jacks never had any interest in love or family, seemed to be too much work and not enough fun…so yes he isn’t much of a romantic just sometimes he needs a fling and when he needs to relax he looks a lady up in a town and woos her for a time…then leaves in the night.

Jacks is someone that you don’t really need around in a close bar fight, but if you want somebody watching from afar and keeping u safe he is your man.

Jackabee "Jacks" Oaklong

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