Charlie Sampson

The sophmoric son of wealthy Charles Sampson


Charlie never got along with his father, Charles Sampson. At least, not as long as Polycarp has been around. The Deva only saw him once on his father’s estate in Brielle. Charles introduced the two, and Charlie laughed cynically. They then began to argue, and Polycarp detected a sense of torn loyalties in his “father”.

The next time Charlie was mentioned, it was because he was found to be in prison in the capital city of Anvar, for crimes unknown. Charles offered to help Polycarp find the people on his list if he would help get Charlie out of prison.

Polycarp and Argoth freed Charlie from the prison that was overrun with undead. Upon meeting him, they discovered that the cleric Denubis had visited him in prison and shown him the true path of Bahamut. He now seeks to turn his life around and serve in justice.

Charlie Sampson

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