Captain Warrick

A hero of the Anima Revolution now head of the City Watch of Anvar, playing nursemaid to a city in chaos.


Warrick and Sir Lexington were honored captains who fought for the freedom of Kinsmet during the Anima Revolution. Both were “honored” with titles and added responsibility. While Lexington was placed as warden of the great prison of Watchpeak, Warrick was named captain of Anvar’s city guard.

The Gatekeepers first met Warrick in the Soggy Frog Inn, hoping to gain information on the Dark Traders and ultimately the location of Rogoth Stormblade.

He seems unconventional as a lawman, tricking the heroes into a bar fight to test their mettle, and has little patience for bureaucracy or insignificant details (the opposite of his friend, Sir Lex), but his heart seems to be for the people of Anvar, and for peace restored during this turbulent time. He offered the heroes a job cleaning up the city, saying that they might find the information they seek in the process.

Captain Warrick

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