A fallen avenger who may be a connection between two of the heroes


The heroes first hear the name of Bartley when Denubis reveals him as one of the martyred souls that comprise Polycarp. He claimed to be the deceased avenger’s best friend in life, and desired to enact a ritual that would allow him to converse with his fallen friend.

At the mention of Bartley, a latent memory stirred in Calumnior as well. Though not a clear memory or any sort of explanation, the name stirred some kind of sadness in him, a similar sadness was evoked by the mention of the village of Harken.

The night after the Gatekeepers discovered Harken burned to the ground, Polycarp had a dream that he believed represented the last moments of Bartley’s life. In the dream, he was looking up from the ground in Harken Village with Denubis standing over him holding a bloody knife.


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