Argoth Stormblade


He is often silent and contemplative, but can be a very good leader (think of a platoon leader in the military). He can be very soft-hearted, is usually very easy to get along with, but also sarcastic at times – especially to those who believe they are better than others. He tends to treat everyone as equals.

His family has been a part of an elite group known only as the Aegis Knights for generations. They are an elite order who are hired to protect important, influential, or wealthy people… so basically the medieval version of the secret service. They have also protected common people who needed to be guarded for an important reason (for example, a witness in a high profile legal case).

Once an Aegis Knight is assigned to protect someone (this could be for life or just for a specified purpose or period of time and this is chosen by the High Elder of the Order for reasons that often remain secret) they take an oath to protect that person with their lives at all costs. It is rare that an Aegis Knight would ever return without his charge still living… to do so is seen as a great dishonor unless it can be proven that the A. Knight did all he could to carry out his oath.

Argoth’s dad, Rogoth Stormblade, was an Aegis Knight and assigned to guard someone at the Garrison (Jeff, you can decide who). This was a long-term assignment so Argoth, his mom, and older sister went to live at the garrison as well while their dad served in this position.

Well something happened and the person Rogoth was pledged to protect died while Rogoth survived. This was a great dishonor to the Aegis Knights… especially since there was suspicion that Rogoth might have actually been an acomplice in the death of his charge (an extreme violation of the Aegis Knight’s Order). Rogoth left his family (and the Knights) in the middle of the night in exile. Argoth’s mom was heart-broken and slipped into depression as she realized she would not see her husband again.

Argoth’s sister, Isabella Stormblade, who is known at the garrison for her temper… was enraged that her father was accused of such a violation. She ran off as well in search of her father. This also brought shame to the Stormblade name as it is part of their code that if a relative Aegis Knight fails in their duty… it falls upon the eldest child to find a way to restore honor to the family.

Now Argoth is left with a distraught mother, the burden of serving the Garrison (or protecting a specific person – you can decide Jeff, perhaps he is charged with protecting CG’s character) to make up for his family’s disgrace. He yearns for the time when his duty is fulfilled and he can go off to find proof of his father’s innocence, return his father and sister from exile, and restore his family’s name.


Argoth Stormblade

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