Trace of Breath

1208.12.07 - 3rd Rest 7:1208

Goblin Raid at Harken Village (XP 475)

Just 20 days after the end of the Anima Revolution, Argoth Stormblade led his companions from the capital city of Anvar to the distant and unimportant village of Harken on a mission to retrieve the captive murderer, Polycarp (a Deva of Bahamut) who is said to have killed an old druid woman named Agathat Mistwater. After meeting the strange Avenger, and leading him from his cell, they are set upon by giant rats—that frighten poor Old Kellar the dwarven town elder into a feint.

Dispatching the vermin with ease, they place Old Kellar in Polycarp’s cell along with the keys in order to keep him safe. They also leave the pouch of gold they find, unsure of its rightful owner, and follow the sounds of battle into the Town Hall’s main dining room, where goblins have made a mess and set an ambush.
Polycarp dashes into the fray leaving his protective Swordmage behind and is almost overcome, but the two manage to win the battle, with the final goblin slinking away before they can stop him. Though the battle sounds to be continuing outside, the heroes retreat to the inner chamber to rest and find Old Kellar recovering enough to talk.

After a few words with Kellar, they discover he is weak-hearted and frail, in no condition to aid in battle. Hearing continued sounds of battle outside and fearing for his comrades, Argoth leads the charge from the Dining Hall. There, they are stunned to see bodies of goblins and town guards between them and the Western Gate. More goblins stream in through the open doors, lighting buildings on fire and assaulting Argoth’s friends, Raelle and Torodrin. Torodrin has fallen to his wounds, but managed to cast a circle of protecting flames around himself and Raelle, who stands over him with her last strength.

Using the flames to his advantage, Polycarp dances among the goblins unleashing the wrath of Bahamut. At Argoth’s word, Raelle accepts the former-prisoner as comrade and heals his quickly mounting wounds. Meanwhile, Argoth is able to teleport close to the goblin shaman ringleader in an attempt to dissipate his effective vexing cloud. Just when it seems, however, that the goblins numbers are starting to tell, the shaman takes a look at Polycarp and pulls back to the woods, reporting to an unseen commander that, “our mission is accomplished.” Polycarp tries to pursue, but is held at bay by snipers in the trees. Clearly, the goblins were not driven away by force.

The heroes are left to lick their wounds, but the fire has now spread to several buildings and is burning fast. Emerging from hiding, Old Kellar begs the heroes to help save the village of Harken.

Polycarp and Argoth leap to action, fighting valiantly against the growing flames. Suddenly, a Half-Orc hunter bursts on the scene. Dashing into a burning building, he emerges almost unconscious with a 7-year-old girl. Polycarp is able to minister her back to health while Argoth coordinates the villagers into the effort needed to extinguish the blaze.

When the threat was abated, the Half-Orc identified himself as Jacks, a hunter who works freelance for the Gatekeepers from time to time. He was asked by Truquan to keep an eye on the initiates (Argoth’s party) and make sure they came home okay from their first independent mission. Argoth was not happy about being babysat, but welcomed Jacks into his party nonetheless.

Raelle, told them that Torodrin was in bad shape. She said she’d take him to the Inn and stay with him until he was fit to travel.

Old Kellar, the town elder of Harken Village, begged the heroes to stay and exterminate the goblins so they don’t come back and destroy the village. Ellen, the girl they saved, asked them “are the monsters going to come back?” In spite of these pleas, Argoth felt duty-bound to fulfill his mission first, to bring Polycarp safely to Truquan in Anvar.

Before they leave, they decide to ask around town to find out all they can about the Goblins, in order to avoid a potential ambush on their trip. They are directed to the local blacksmith, Karl, who is said to be the bravest man in the area. Upon meeting him, they discover that it was his daughter, Ellen, that they saved from the fire. Because of this, he is open with them all, offering his wares and answering their questions. Karl believes the Goblins are after the rumored treasure hidden in the Mythos Barrow, an ancient and nearly forgotten tomb said to have significance that predates even the gods. He says that the tomb lies unprotected now that Agathat Mistwater is dead.

Karl marked the Mythos Barrow on their map and, seeing that the tomb was not between them and home, they set out for Anvar immediately.



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