Trace of Breath

14:1208 (Third Rest)

Calumnior of Barfield and Denubis of Bahamut (XP 223; Total = 4,482)

After returning from the Anvar Sewers with Qasim, Truquan Gladerunner offers a chance for both Calumnior and Camden Young II to take the test to become full members of the Gatekeepers. Displaying their skills at the card table as well as the battlefield, they are accepted into the Adventurer’s Guild.

After spending the night in an actual bed, and some medical attention, Calumnior’s distorted face is healed, and Camden recognizes him as as Duke Cedric of Barfield, though something has clearly changed him supernaturally. Knowing the stigma surrounding necrotic energy, his antagonistic usurping brother and the mystery that landed him in Watchpeak prison, Calumnior decides to continue to disguise himself rather than revealing himself to the general populace. The heroes decide that the Ring of Barfield must have belonged to him, and when they give it back to him he feels a ripple of power and a sense of stability he had not previously remembered.

Discussing their options, the heroes decide that their next pursuit must be to investigate the silence from Harken Village, it being closest to their current location. At the name of “Harken,” Calumnior is filled with an unexplained sadness.

Though successful in their venture from the sewers, each of the heroes contracted Filth Fever from their encounter with the disgusting were-rats. They decided to seek the aid of the priests of Bahamut to find a cure. At the temple, they met a priest named Denubis, who was the man who signed custody of Polycarp over to the Gatekeepers, who employed Argoth’s mother to help care for the poor and who converted Charlie in Watchpeak Prison. He discounted their “remove disease” ritual and, with Polycarp’s help, managed to cure them without harm (an achievement only possible to a veteran cleric).

Denubis proceded to ask Polycarp if he recognized the name of Bartley, a paladin of Bahamut that the Deva recognized as one of his own souls. At the name of “Bartley,” Calumnior is filled with the same sadness he felt when hearing about Harken Village. He decides they must be connected and asks the old priest about him. Denubis claimed to have been an old friend of Bartley’s and asked if it would be possible to conduct a ritual on Polycarp that would allow them to speak with him, suspecting he might have some important information for them. Despite the risks involved, the Deva agreed to the ritual upon his return from Harken Village.



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